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TPx-Dev / Framework


TPx is developed almost entirely in assembly language and integrated in the Turbo Pascal IDE environment. The code design is structured in subdivided and interchangeable libraries that make it possible to integrate them into any programming language compatible with TPX, TPU and OBJ (assembly) format libraries. Each single library that makes up the kit provides generalized and specific procedures and functions for the complete management of all the peripherals that make up an AT / TX personal computer with DOS operating system.

TPx-Dev is a very valuable support kit designed for the development of low-level software, utilities, games and operating systems. The parts of assembly code allow a direct interchange with the hardware allowing an almost instant execution speed. The use of internal procedures favor the writing of an excellent source code with a clean and easy to interpret syntax thanks to the Turbo Pascal IDE environment and offer wide-ranging functions to work on any type of data and hardware device.

More than one graphics management library is included in the framework; video modes, resolution management cga, ega, vga and vesa with resolutions from 320x200 cga up to 2048x1536 qsxga including a programmable and adaptable Cortex GUI that offers real-time controls to be implemented in any project. Procedures for Sprites, visualization and direct control of the video memory. A very valid support for AdLib, Sound Blaster and compatible sound cards, also providing a wide management of music modules files for listening and manipulation of them, including (RAD, HSC, MOD, ROL, AMD, and many others).

The use of the Turbo Pascal IDE allows a completely rapid compilation of executable files including pre-included code in the procedure that guarantees execution of the compiled file on processors up to pentium 4 and AMD Phenom II x4 without running into emulators also supporting Windows XP environments.

TPx-Dev is the new name given to the UTPK framework developed in 1992 by Fredrik Hussman (Alessandro Mazzola), so all subsequent versions will be named as above.

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