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Web site RCCP created by:

Alex.M aka F.Hussman (C) Orbital Crew, 1992 - 2020
(idea, php code, layout and graphics)

Thanks to:

Eric Draven (Support and testing)
Prelusion79 (Support and testing)

The RCCP Web Portal

The idea of ​​creating this particular web platform came to me by pure chance, initially it had to be a very normal alternative website to the first one created years ago (OrbitalCrew) which was very successful thanks to the high amount of resources that I made available to all lovers of retrocomputers. After a first draft I started having ideas that gradually became real challenges and fortunately or unfortunately I always liked the challenges. Keep in mind that web development is not a real phenomenon, much less php that I started using just a few years ago somewhere in the code for the above site. My determination, perseverance and creativity helped me a lot and in the end the result arrived.
As mentioned, I had many ideas during the implementation and often I came across real puzzles on how to solve and perform certain functions trying to keep a logical thread throughout the management process. To carry on the project I did not use any particular web editing software and even less of applications that would help me write and debug the php code, all that was done is personal work, flour of mine bag, all written by hand, the only software used are DreamWeaver for the layout and Fireworks for the graphics.
The only people with whom I have had occasional but very helpful contacts are the friends mentioned above who, despite having endured me by phone, listening to my ideas, on how to do and the solutions to be adopted, gave me theirs and offered themselves as guinea pigs to slowly test added features. In the end I can classify this work simply by labeling it as a single web platform, where it encloses in a single focal point the spirit of the retrocomputer that flows in my blood from birth and wants to take possession of as many souls as possible by grouping them in a single unspeakable community of enthusiasts like me.

I have to thank the many (economic) donors who thanks to their contributions manage to maintain the physical servers of the house and the hosting spaces, guaranteeing maximum services, reliability, unlimited bandwidth for download / upload.

As always, I remember that the sources on my websites are resources recovered over the years from bbs, floppy disks, hard disks and magazines now unattainable, from 1992 to today and are jealously guarded and archived on physical servers and magnetic media.

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