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Welcome in Orbital Crew

The Orbital Crew is a group of retro-software developers, our mission is to preserve the history of home and personal computers by archiving and cataloging sources since 1980. Feel free to browse our new portal and if you want you can share your sources in full autonomy by becoming an active member of our RCCP (Retro Computers Community Preservation).

This new portal offers the possibility to share your resources in various forms (texts, photos, files and lots of information) in a simple and guided way. The shares (publications) that users create are immediately accessible, guaranteeing the growth of archives and the dissemination of the sources they contain.

To know how to contribute for free by creating your publications (shares) read the guide and the rules here.


If you want to access the IBM PC / MS-DOS world, you must visit the web portal ZONE640K.COM

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