HSC iNsane Player 0.98
A player for music modules in HSC format with an attractive interface. Lose yourself in AdLib style music, vu meter and oscilloscope. Read...

KeyBeeper 2.0
Beep emulation of some keyboards famous for their mechanics and the classic beep that made them unique. Read...

Phosphor 2.2
We turn our color monitor into a phosphor monitor. With this simple utility we can emulate various phosphor monitors. Read...

RAD Player II
The race for AdLib players continues.
RAD Player II is a simple but attractive player for RAD (Reality AdLib) modules. Read...


For any information, clarifications regarding the material provided by our site, please contact us by sending an email to: or by writing on our messageboard..

If you are interested in downloading the optional libraries of the UTPK framework, contact us by e-mail asking us to contribute by donating a small contribution to support the project. You will be contacted and informed on how to proceed to download the optional libraries that interest you.

The UTPK framework is a project born from passion and created thanks to the collaboration of people who love the world of retrocomputers, including classic consoles, micro and personal computers that have had their great success in families. Some of the optional libraries provided in the kit are released to our followers who make small donations by collaborating for long-term support and development.

The staff thanks all the supporters.
by F.Hussman