HSC iNsane Player 0.98
A player for music modules in HSC format with an attractive interface. Lose yourself in AdLib style music, vu meter and oscilloscope. Read...

KeyBeeper 2.0
Beep emulation of some keyboards famous for their mechanics and the classic beep that made them unique. Read...

Phosphor 2.2
We turn our color monitor into a phosphor monitor. With this simple utility we can emulate various phosphor monitors. Read...

RAD Player II
The race for AdLib players continues.
RAD Player II is a simple but attractive player for RAD (Reality AdLib) modules. Read...


coder and idea A.M aka F.Hussman
debuggin Gamma III
syntax revision Rude
mascotte HeadRocK
moral support CoffeBoy

Although our group has existed since 1992, the name Orbital was coined only in 2006, when we decided to give us a name that distinguished us as a group. Among the various discard attempts, Orbital Crew was chosen in honor of the first man on an orbit mission (Yuri Gagarin) Vostok 1.

I am a programmer, with a great passion for electronics, music and, of course, for retro-computing. Since I was a child I started writing basic code on the Commodore Vic20 and I was fascinated by electronics and tried to understand how certain things worked. Then, over the years, I approached Assembly language and then Turbo Pascal. In 1992 I started writing several routines in Turbo Pascal and Assembly that I used with my friends to create our little demos to be included in pirate floppies that we exchanged out of school. This modus-operandi projected us into the environment of the retroscener of those times and gave us the opportunity to make ourselves known as a geek and make our musical compositions performed on sinth and software tracker very popular in those times on Commodore Amiga and then Personal computer.

Being a fan of retrocomputers, over the years I have collected many machines, including: PC Ibm, Commodore, Atari, Amstrad, ZX Spectrum, Olivetti and various consoles. With my dear friends we have fun continuing this passion and realizing various projects that can be hardware or software, it doesn't matter, the important thing is to keep alive the nostalgic spirit of the retrocomputer.
Memories of the moments spent in the IT industry's big bang years, bulletin boards, pirate collections, magazines and floppy disk towers still follow us today. The idea of ​​developing a website has involved many other enthusiasts like us, it also gives us the opportunity to share all the recovered material and to publish the resources that I have in my laboratory at hand. Our website wants to offer nostalgic people, not only our projects such as the Ultimate Turbo Pascal Kit, but also a collection of software, utilities, guides, source codes and everything that surrounds this extraordinary world. In short, a point of reference for the retrocomputers scene!