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ReDos "Rewind, Remake...Reloaded!

Posted by 02-07-2019 Posted by Article by F.Hussman

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ReDOS is a project that is still ongoing but already has good prospects for the future.Redos Paper
We at the Orbital Crew have decided to give a new look to the old beloved DOS. The MS-Dos system was loved and hated, for many it was the first operating system, for retro-computing it is still used, but in some cases it is forced to use software and utilities developed by third parties to make up for certain shortcomings of the system, in particular for the gaming sector, which often requires resources that are not normally managed effectively. So we at the staff decided to do a remake by extracting the best part of DOS, redesigning its commands by adding others and creating a GUI to make everything easier.

Below we list some of our objectives:

  • Completely revised commands.
  • Dynamic memory management (extended and conventional).
  • More intuitive and detailed shell.
  • GUI graphic interface with real-time controls.
  • Multiple management of Autoexec.bat and Config.sys.
  • Direct start with graphical menu at startup.


For the rest it will still be studied, but if you wish, you can express your ideas and / or opinions by sending an email to:

2018/02 - Initial writing code.
2018/04 -
xShell start-up loader added
2018/05 -
Drawing basic interface.
2018/05 -
Dispose beta tester version 0.02b.
2018/06 - ...working...