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Test Boot "ReDos"

Posted by 19-10-2019 Posted by Article by F.Hussman

ReDos - Test Boot The following video shows the first boot test of the neo-ReDos system. The post-boot has been limited to what is necessary, that is, to the verification of the keyboard, mouse, sound card and video card to immediately start the services necessary for the GUI. Then the libraries that will be used by the system are loaded.
The initial desktop was designed without too much care, just to give an idea, also because the interest of the test was directed more on the shell, than it would have behaved during the whole phase. I remember that ReDos retains part of the Ms-Dos in the form of a shell in which parts of the IO.SYS, MSDOS.SYS and COMMAND.COM files have been included to maintain compatibility. The publication of a first beta version will still take time, but there is no lack of willingness to continue the project, so any updates on this will be published on the site.

VIDEO - ReDos Test Boot

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