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Phosphor 2.2

Posted by 12-08-2018 Posted by Article by F.Hussman

Phosphor 2.2The more the years go by, the less chance you have of finding phosphor monitors, remember them ?, maybe some of you have one jealously like me who I have the IBM 5151 subkey safe and well protected. I have always been attracted to this kind of monitors due to their characteristic of having a very readable, well-defined font and with a larger scanline than the subsequent color monitors. The only flaw, if this can be defined, was the ghost effect that was easily noticed when scrolling the pages, the moving cursor and the mouse arrow for the graphic ones, but beyond this detail, I believe that they are pieces that at least one lover collector must have. The larger scanline made it possible to view underlining and bold in text mode, in fact, this feature together with the first word processors and spreadsheets like Lotus 123 made them exceptional, not to mention the first models that adopted the amber color.
This utility has been designed to emulate this category of monitors by simply changing the 16 color palette in the standard text mode of a common MsDos PC.
I could have equally generated a larger scanline on tube or LCD color monitors thanks to some bios services, but then it made it difficult to use programs that we normally use in dos that do not support a larger scanline and therefore the characters would have appeared out of range making everything illegible, so I focused only on the various color palettes to emulate and make the utility a TSR.
The utility can emulate, in addition to green phosphor monitors, even amber and orange ones.

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