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KeyBeeper 2.0

Posted by 12-08-2018 Posted by Article by F.Hussman

KeyBeeper 2.0Of course, having one of these machines in your hands would not be bad, but being satisfied with what you already have is often to be commended equally. It happens not too frequently to want to experiment with new things, even if sometimes they may seem stupid, behind them there is always a memory, a proven emotion or at least the only simple curiosity. The KeyBeeper program together with others made, summarizes these sensations. Often in science fiction films where a computer materializes, this inevitably emits sounds at the pressure of the keys on the keyboard, we say that not all computers have this feature, but some models allowed it. The sound was managed either from the central unit or from the keyboard via a buzzer. I made this little program based on web searches of some models that emitted the beep, coming across these in the photos, which in my opinion are beautiful. To succeed in this I made use of the uTPK framework buzzer library which will be included in the next official release. Avoiding to explain the whole library, I explain the steps to make the program. Using the services that manage the beep sound of the computer directly and working on the frequencies and durations, I tried to be as faithful as possible to the sound emitted by the models in the photo. Obviously to emulate it was not enough to launch the program, try it and then exit, but it was necessary to give the PC this feature also using other programs, so I made a TSR (Terminate And Stay Resident) of a few kb and easy to use. The program itself is "stupid", but the sensation of hearing beeps at the press of the keyboard keys is pleasant and sincerely, associated with Phosphor, I assure you that it will make you go back in time by positioning yourself in a Russian nuclear power plant.

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