HSC iNsane Player 0.98
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HSC iNsane Player 0.98

Posted by 02-06-2018 Posted by Article by F.Hussman

HSC iNsane Player 0.98The first time I listened to a piece of music in hsc format was when I accidentally stumbled upon a file called NEOADLIB.COM. I remember sifting through some floppy disks in the PC Computer Club series when I found myself in front of this file. After running it I was shown a simple TUI dos-style screen and 4 items to select on the video, taken from curiosity I selected the 2nd item and it was love immediately. He began to play very clean, catchy, beautiful music ... as were the other 3. Intrigued more than ever, I began to fathom the file thoroughly to try to retrieve information on the type of built-in music module, and I found the HSC suffix complete with copyrights later. The bbs that I used at the time gave me the opportunity to find other material about it and I started studying this particular format created for AdLib sound cards. I made this player in honor of Hannes Seifert, creator of the file format and composer. The player was created with the sole use of the TPK framework in which years ago I included support for this format to completely read its structure and data so that it can interface or include songs directly in compiled executable files. The particular interface is created simply by remapping the bios font with a font created on purpose, where I designed the various characters that make up the interface itself. Obviously the remapping is temporary, that is to say that once you exit the player, the original font is put back as it was through a soft-reset on the exclusive service of the interrupt 10h (BIOS). The graphic oscilloscope, on the other hand, is obtained by capturing the output bits of the DAC of the sound card, possibly AdLib compatible, and represented in many pixels, about 5000 on line to give an average representation of the wave. The refresh of the representation is given by a nice bit xor followed by a vertical retrace. The player is compatible with ms-dos systems and supports adlib cards, sound blasters or compatible with OPL chipsets.

VIDEO - Hsc iNsane Player 0.98

In addition to the player with some modules, I propose an additional collection:

Download HSC iNsane Player 0.98

Download HSC Collection 01

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