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FastShell 1.0b

Posted by 19-04-2019 Posted by Article by F.Hussman

FastShell 1.0b FastSHELL is a very fast experimental file manager that wants to simplify navigation between the various files scattered on our beloved PC MsDos. I hope it can grow based on the needs of fans who publish their ideas to add and / or modify. Being a beta version it was created very quickly, so without specific checks on possible errors that could occur, in this case they will be solved in future versions.

The features of version 1.0b:

  • Recognition of the database file extension. (be constantly updated) Execution of files with exe, com and bat extensions with the enabling of the parameter request. FastShell
  • Multiple selection of files and directories.
  • Selection by filter. (currently only on file extension)
  • Multiple guided operations on files and directories to copy, delete and rename.
  • Text file viewer.
  • Internal direct reader of "modules" music files (amd, rad, hsc and mod).
  • Direct execution of DOS commands without leaving the shell.
  • Check the suspend and restart functions of the system. (DPM management)
  • Disk drive management.
  • Currently 500 managed file buffers.
  • Direct display of files, path and volume information.

In the future it is planned:

  • Unlimited file management by directory.
  • Viewing graphic files (bmp, pic, gif) Playing audio files (wav, pcm, voc)
  • Search, compare, move and other functions.
  • Execution of external programs with diversified association of config.sys and autoexec.bat.
  • Dynamic memory management and allocation based on software requests launched by the shell.
Download FastShell 1.0b

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