I hope this FAQ resolves frequently asked questions about UTPK. If you have other questions in mind or something you think should be presented in these frequently asked questions, please contact us.

Q: What is UTPK?

A: The Ultimate Turbo Pascal Kit, abbreviated to uTPK, is nothing more than a kit containing libraries (Units) to support and manage various aspects of programming. On the web there are many libraries for any purpose of use, but often they are not clear, incorrectly developed and with little attention to logical syntax. The TPK is designed to guarantee full support to the programmer, offering the possibility of having available procedures and functions that facilitate the preparation of a specific software.

The kit offers:

Q: What can I do with this kit?

A: Each library that makes up the kit is designed for a specific purpose, for example; with the VIDEO library which is the most important of all, it offers complete support to manage the output of any data on the screen. If instead we were to convert a hex into binary, the CONVERT library would be indispensable because it contains many functions for converting data types. Basically, with the kit it is possible to create programs, utilities, demoscene, music players, viruses, operating systems with a graphic interface available thanks to the Cortex library and many other applications.

Q: Is it easy to use TPK? what i need

A: For those who already know the Pascal language it is very simple, but it can be just as simple thanks to the documentation that will be published shortly. But I believe that with some exercises you can immediately get satisfying results. To use the kit you need only a Personal Computer from a simple 80286, the Turbo Pascal that you find in the download section of the site and the kit or individual libraries that may interest you.

Q: Where can I download the tpk kit?

A: You can download it in the download section of the site. You have the option to download every single library that may interest you.