New basic version of the TPK framework. This version includes all the essential libraries to create your software with the potential of the framework.

Updates and / or results of new libraries will be automatically added to the existing archive files. They will be listed in the respective lists (Basic and Optional).

TPK Framework 7.08 "BASIC" + IDE Turbo Pascal



released 28/07/2019
Complete BASIC package with IDE Turbo Pascal Remake. ver 7.08

TPK Framework 7.08 "BASIC"



released 28/07/2019
Basic package with only libraries. ver 7.08

TPK v7.08 - Header files "BASIC"



released 28/07/2019
Headings of the basic procedures and functions included in the libraries.

TPK v7.08 - Header files "OPTIONAL"



released 28/07/2019
Headings of the optional procedures and functions included in the libraries.

TPK v7.08 - "BASIC" List of the libraries:
BIOSLIB BIOS information management. Hardware / software detection of system peripherals, saving and restoring data on storage media.
CMDLIB It offers a complete interface for managing the parameters passing from the command line. Full support for all data types and different flags.
CTRLSLIB TUI controls library in real time. Excellent library to create applications with scroll bar, option, combo box, input box, picknum, etc.
DPMLIB Library for managing Display Power Management. Suspension, hibernation and shutdown at any time without affecting the behavior of the machine and / or applications in progress.
DRIVELIB Management and detection of data from the units of the device. (Fat, ID, serial, etc).
EMSLIB EMS memory management library. Dynamic allocation, deallocation, pagination and requests.
FILESLIB Advanced file management support. Copy, delete, attribute and information management.
FONTLIB Complete management of font files and bios system. Modification, saving, storage in the bios and emulation.
HARDWLIB General hardware support. Memory driver detection, peripheral data management and general information.
INIFLIB Complete management of configuration files * .INI Support for different types of data.
JSTKLIB Full joystick support. Automatic detection and calibration.
KBDLIB Extended keyboard support. Key code detection, ascii and char code. Improved supported. It also has real-time control (without waiting).
MENULIB Advanced support for the creation of drop-down menus with mouse support, completely customizable controls.
MOUSELIB Mouse management (hardware and software) for graphic and text modes. Includes graphic emulation of the mouse in a textual environment.
SBCRDLIB Complete management of SoundBlaster / AdLib / OPL1-2-3 cards. It offers access services to DMA, IRQ and flow access ports.
SBMIXLIB SoundBlaster mixer interface to control audio streams.
SCRLIB Full screen management. Division, overview, rebound, offset, etc.
STDLIB Standard library for general management. (essential). It offers a wide range of support functions and procedures, essential for software processing, type conversion, data manipulation, I / O management and much more.
WINLIB Support for windows text mode. Complete interface for manipulating video windows in text mode. Supports shadows, shapes and styles.

TPK v7.08 - "OPTIONAL" List of the libraries:
AMDLIB Library for managing AMD AdLib audio files. Offers full control for managing AMusic file trackers, track management, note tracking, panning, volume, etc. Includes commands to implement the * .amd file in projects, even compiled. Automatic SoundBlaster / AdLib detection.
MODLIB Advanced library for file tracker management MOD. Extended management of all the parts that make up a MOD file. Automatic SoundBlaster detection.
GUILIB GUI interface (Cortex 7.08). Complete library to create graphical interfaces with mouse support, real-time controls and completely customizable. Supports CGA, MCGA, EGA, VGA and SVGA graphics mode.
MCGALIB Full support for MCGA mode in many resolutions. It offers procedures and functions for manipulating BMP, GIF and PIC files. Management of primitives and sprites.
RADLIB RealityAdlib tracker file management library. Controls audio tracks, equalization, speed, panning, etc. Supports inserting the form directly into projects, even compiled. Automatic AdLib detection.
HSCLIB Library for managing HSC AdLib file trackers. Full control. Supports inserting the form directly into projects, even compiled. AdLib detected automatically!
TSRLIB Library for the management and implementation of TSR (Terminate and Stay Resident). KeyFlags, memory exchange and services are included.