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New released version TPK Framework 7.08:

Since the first versions of MeApp (uTPK) run anonymously on BBS and floppy disks, we have come to version 7.08. The new version, as often happened in the past, has undergone a new metamorphosis. Thanks to the inclusion of the class method, it will be possible to write clearer and faster code, address procedures and functions or completely an entire class directly in memory. Over 180 new procedures have been added and new libraries have been created. Increased the use of the 85% assembly code, still guaranteeing a faster execution of the completed projects. The Cortex GUI has undergone management improvements as far as code writing is concerned and has been redesigned to offer even more efficient and customizable real-time controls. To discover all the other features of "Ultimate Turbo Pascal Kit", the framework for Turbo Pascal never realized before, you can try it for free simply by downloading it from here.


FastShell v1.01 beta:

FastSHELL is a very fast experimental file manager that wants to simplify the navigation between the various files scattered on our beloved PC MsDos. I hope it can grow based on the needs of the fans who post their ideas to add and / or modify.

The software was created very quickly, so do not cure the various errors that might occur, but which will be solved in the next versions.

The features of version 1.0b:

  • Database file extension recognition. (be constantly updated) Execution of files with extensions exe, com and bat with the enabling of request the parameters.
  • Multiple selection of files and directories.
  • Selection by filter. (currently only on file extension)
  • Multiple guided operations on files and directories to copy, delete and rename.
  • Text file viewer.
  • Direct internal player of "modules" music files (amd, rad, hsc and mod).
  • Direct execution of DOS commands without leaving the shell.
  • Check the system's suspend and restart functions. (DPM management)
  • Disk drive management (a, b, c, d, e).
  • Read the maximum articles for each directory currently 500.
  • Direct viewing of files, route and volume information.

In the future it is expected:

  • Unlimited management of files by directory.
  • Visualization of graphic files (bmp, pic, gif) Audio file playback (wav, pcm, voc)
  • Search, compare, move and other functions.
  • Execution of external programs with diversified association of config.sys and autoexec.bat.
  • Management and dynamic allocation of memory based on software requests launched by the shell.